Yes on Measure 101

Our Health Oregon is proud to join over 100 organizations across the state in supporting Measure 101,  a ballot measure that protects health care coverage for one in four Oregonians, including 400,000 low-income children. We support Measure 101 and urge our community to vote YES on January 23rd.

Remember, all ballots are due by January 23 at 8:00PM. They must be received by that date, not just postmarked. Take time today to vote yes and drop off your ballot.  Find a ballot drop site near you here.

Voting yes on Measure 101 means protecting health care for Oregon families including vulnerable seniors, people with disabilities and the 400,000 low-income children. These are Oregonians who otherwise couldn’t afford a doctor’s visit and are often forced to go to the emergency room when they get sick.
If Measure 101 fails, funding for Medicaid will be cut by between $210 and $320 million, resulting in the loss of potentially $5 billion in federal funding. In addition, Oregon families who rely on Medicaid face an uncertain future and may lose healthcare benefits or coverage altogether.